Apsara Sadhana


Apsara Sadhana

Apsara Sadhana


God has provided man with limited powers, along with his hands and feet and intellect, but if this wisdom is used properly, then this person should be the master of the unlimited powers, along with knowing and obtaining God himself Also shows the way. In view of spirituality, the main goal of a person is to follow the religion and fulfill his obligations and attain salvation. Religious views are very important (Apsara Sadhana Vidhi Mantra). To make a person a master of wonderful powers and to be filled with all pleasures, divine worship gives wondrous results.

Apsara is the beauty of the heavens, which is performing dance arts and singing in the court of Indra, as well as from the order of Indre Dev to dissolve the penance of the saints and monks from time to time. And for this reason, they have to become a part of the curse of the curse from time to time. In the scriptures, details of many nymphs are found in which: Ghrutachi, Rambha, Urvashi, Tilottama, Maneka and Kunda are considered as major. Urvashi Apsara is considered to be the most powerful and it is also difficult to prove it.

Apsarao also has a divine power in itself, which can fulfill every desire of the person. When the Apsara sadhana is completed, it gives direct vision to the person and fulfills all his desires accordingly. Apsara, which proves spiritual practice, is automatically trained in the form of beauty, beauty and art, along with that Apsara also fulfills all her fondness.

According to Dharma Puranas, Apsara Sadhana Vidhi Mantra is a simple and quick spiritual practice. But if you are seen from the real world, then in order to achieve accomplishment in any way, there is a need to undergo big tests. In Apsara Sadhana, repeated attempts are made to dissolve the practice of Jatak, and most of the people leave sadhana after experiencing a slight fear.


Apsara Sadhana Method: - Choose a secluded room in the house. Now in this room set up a check post in the east direction and spread the red clothes on it. Install the picture of Apsara on this post. Wear a flower necklace on this picture. Now sit in front of the poster and sit down. Burn the ghee lamp, keep the offerings of pancamava, and keep it in return water.

The mantra is as follows: - "Om Rum kshan rambhhi aagachh aagachh nekha rachh kun rum Om namah:"

Take water in hand and take first resolution and then start chanting mantra. There is no limit to chanting mantra in this practice. So chant mantra every day according to your strengths. Use rhinestone garland for chanting mantra. Thus, doing this work for seven days, Apsara directly appears in front of the person. At that time, the person should take the pledge of Gulab flowers in the neck of Apsara and take the pledge to live with him.

Before starting Apsara Sadhana Vidhi Mantra, meditate on the form that you worship Apsara as it is. Apsara sadhana can be done in the form of a mother, as a sister or as a wife.

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